Aren’t you sick of learning WHAT to focus on to build your online business…. without learning the HOW??

Finally, an Industry Trusted One-Stop Video Training Center
Where You Can Learn Step-by-Step HOW to Execute
The Popular Online Tips and Strategies Gurus Teach…
to Successfully Build and Monetize Your Brand!

(We focus on Platform, Marketing and Growth video training for entrepreneurs – See below for a list of topics)

Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer, Authentic Leader Academy

The Authentic Leader Academy is an online business training center for entrepreneurs who are tired of spending thousands of dollars on courses and coaches that focus on WHAT to do, but leave you wondering HOW to do it.

I’ve brought together a special online community of people who really want to make a difference in the world and don’t have huge budgets (…but they do have huge hearts!)

My deepest passion is to help you live your potential, love your work and create the long-term financial freedom to live life fully. The more people I help the more I feel alive, on purpose and grateful.

Coaching requests are pouring in every day from entrepreneurs just like you who want to know exactly what to do to achieve their dreams and goals.

Since I am unable to work with everyone on a 1-1 capacity due to time restraints, I have developed a one-of-a-kind training center for entrepreneurs just like you! ALA is an opportunity to get all of the step-by-step training you need to be unstoppable. Yes, unstoppable. I’ve proven that with our existing members alone.

From building your online platform to marketing, monetizing and growing your business … this is your solution to it all!

The Academy is currently full, but we’re re-opening registration early 2016. Get notified once we open by subscribing in the opt-in box below.

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You have a deep passion inside to help others. You want to build an incredible business online that you love because you want freedom, flexibility, creativity and impact in your day-to-day life.

You know that if you could just find the right guidance, you would be unstoppable.

You’ve bought into programs in the past and they usually left you confused, behind and disappointed. Regardless, you keep trying because you know the answers are out there, but if you could just find the right partner to help you, wow, would it make all the difference in the world…

Here’s What’s Wrong with
Most Courses and Coaches Today…

Sure, it’s easy for a guru to say, “You need to launch an affiliate program,” or “Start a Facebook page,” or “Just start creating videos” …. And you even get fired UP to do it!

But then, inevitably, when you’re all alone trying to figure out HOW to implement their advice, what happens…

Does this sound familiar?

  • “Shoot, I know I need an affiliate program, but what did that mean again? What program should I use… there are so many options! What marketing materials should I create? How do I get an affiliate link?!” (maddening.)
  • “Yes, start a Facebook page. I can do this, I can do this. Wait, what category should I go in? What’s a cover photo? Where do I just make a post? How do people find me? What is the difference between my personal page and business page?!” (aahhhhh.)
  • “Ok, videos. I’m really scared to do this. I don’t want to do this. I’m going to look like an idiot. What camera should I use? Wait, what should I say?! Oh the lighting is awful. I need help!!!!” (yep, nightmare.)

I hear these cries for help ALL day long because I am a service provider. I am the girl you go to when you’ve hit your limit – you’ve wasted days – on trying to figure out “how” all on your own.

I started my company NGNG Enterprises (standing for No Guts No Glory) back in 2007. We will build your website, help you with marketing and copywriting, help you get better rankings on Google, help you with social media, launches and SO much more. I have a team of 12 and we are “your get-it-done team.”

We’ve built more than 350 websites, have worked with more than 500 authors (not to mention all of the speakers and coaches across six continents…) so trust me when I say, I know what works online and what doesn’t.

When you’ve had as much experience as I have in the online world, it becomes really clear what is missing for entrepreneurs…

What’s missing is step-by-step training on HOW to execute your marketing ideas.

That is why I developed this website. It’s to help you build that incredible business, give you the support you crave and offer you a partner to celebrate your wins with.

I felt a responsibility to create a website where I could dump all of my knowledge of what works online so inspired messengers – just like you – could get the “how to” training you need, ANY TIME you need it, without wasting money that should be spent on growing your business.

This IS the Training Solution You’ve Been Hoping For (I’ll Prove It!)

The Authentic Leader Academy (ALA) is a superabundance of easy-to-digest, focused strategy & training videos … designed for authentic entrepreneurs who are looking for straight answers on the strategies necessary to start and grow a profitable online business.

Once you become a member, you will have FOREVER ACCESS to ALL VIDEOS in this ultimate training center, designed so you never have to guess what to do next OR how to do it.

  • You’ll find face-to-cam videos where I give you the exact strategies I’ve proven works in my own business (and for all of the hundreds of business I’ve supported in the past nine years!)
  • Most importantly, you’ll find screencast videos where I walk you through step-by-step how to implement these strategies! (cue: priceless!)

Tired of not seeing a total solution for entrepreneurs who want to create a successful online business, Amber compiled her 9 years of intensive online research and experience in growing a multi-six-figure business to offer you the chance she never had … a chance to get targeted advice from a successful entrepreneur on just about any topic that comes up when running and marketing a business online.

Real Feedback from Real ALA Members

  • I can not speak highly enough of my experience with Amber and the Authentic Leadership Academy. The value I have received is priceless! Not only has the content of the videos helped me tremendously to advance my business, but there is also the ongoing opportunity to replay the videos at my leisure 24/7! Thank you, Amber for creating the Authentic Leadership Academy….I SO appreciate your continued support throughout and the diverse value the Facebook group has to offer as well.


  • My Klout score is now 61! Your awesome video [inside the Academy] helped me boost it up! xoxoox


  • Lisa-Hilleren-150x150Amber puts her heart and soul into her endeavors, the result being the delivery of products and services that far exceed her clients’ expectations. Amber is an outstanding business coach, especially for clients looking to build/grow their on-line presence. She’s one of very few trainers I know who can take complex topics, break them down into manageable bites, and present them in an easily digestible manner. If you’re looking for a dynamic team-player who delivers superior results and an exceptional customer experience, Amber is the woman to hire. I highly recommend her and will personally be using her services again and again for my future projects!


What’s Included in
Your “Forever” Membership?

FOREVER Access to the ALA Members Area!

You AND your team (yes, you heard that right!) will have forever access to ALL current AND future training videos so you’re never guessing on what to do next to grow your business!

FOREVER Access to Like-Minded, Motivated and Creative Entrepreneurs!
There is tremendous value in the opportunity to mastermind and network with our community of business owners who are implementing these strategies and seeing success (…plus, not to mention the opportunity for accountability, support and advice!)

What training topics are included
in the academy?

  • platform

  • marketing

  • growth

    • Authenticity and leadership
    • Your purpose and your why
    • Mindset management
    • Personal development
    • Getting organized & managing overwhelm – must watch!
    • Brand personality
    • Core message
    • Client avatar
    • Screencast: Nuts and bolts
    • Screencast: Pre-made themes vs custom design
    • Screencast: Content
    • Screencast: Blogging 101
    • Build an email list
    • Screencast: Overview of the Admin Panel
    • Screencast: Working with Pages
    • Screencast: Editing and Adding Blog Posts
    • Screencast: Intro to Search Engine Optimization
    • Screencast: How to Blog & Working with Blog Posts
    • Your email system options
    • Email purpose, format and schedule
    • Overview
    • Screencast: Facebook 101
    • Screencast: Google+ 101
    • Screencast: LinkedIn 101
    • Screencast: YouTube 101
    • Screencast: Twitter 101
    • Screencast: Instagram 101
    • Screencast: Pinterest 101
    • Screencast: Image use
    • Screencast: Pages for your website
    • Sharing content
    • Opt-ins and unsubscribes
    • Attorney and CPA
    • Contracts/Agreements
    • Screencast: Active Inbox
    • Screencast: Word Swag
    • Screencast: Pixie
    • Screencast: ScreenHunt
    • Screencast: KeePass
    • Screencast: Free PDF Converter
    • Grasshopper
    • Premium Web Cart
    • Camtasia
    • and so many more…
    • Overcoming fears and nervousness about video
    • 3 ways to create video + how to prep each
    • Intro and outro
    • Editing
    • Hosting and search optimization
    • Marketing ideas
    • Overview + initial decisions to make
    • How to record
    • Hosting and search optimization
    • Launch and marketing
    • Mindset and overview
    • Word of mouth
    • Contests
    • Individual emails vs email blasts
    • Overview
    • Screencast: Create and run live webinars + setup replay
    • Podcasting, guest blogging and social media
    • List-building ideas
    • Summits, product launches and bestseller campaigns
    • Overview
    • Keyword research
    • Blogging
    • Meta data
    • Backlinks
    • The 7 deadliest mistakes you’re making on social media
    • The power of groups and forums
    • Klout explained
    • Facebook Ads
    • LinkedIn Publisher
    • Hashtags explained
    • Mindset and overview
    • Upselling
    • Sales funnel
    • Surveys
    • Monetization explained
    • Mindset and overview
    • The 3 levels of product creation
    • Where to start + follow-through
    • Product completion rules
    • Evergreen products
    • PayPal vs a shopping cart
    • The features that make the difference
    • Buying process A to Z
    • Mindset and overview
    • Discipline and execution
    • Mindset and overview
    • What to delegate and what you shouldn’t delegate
    • Hiring Strategy
    • Keeping your team happy
    • Retention tips
    • Becoming an affiliate
      • Program selection, rules, tips
      • Selling strategies
    • Creating your own affiliate program
      • Overview
      • Items to prepare
      • How to get affiliates
      • How to get real results
    • Overview
    • Walk-through of your many options
    • Creating a membership site with WordPress WishList
    • Content creation strategy
    • Launch
    • Getting ongoing sales
    • Advanced tips and strategies
    • Mindset and overview
    • How to start the relationship
    • Creative ways to ask for their support
    • How to nurture the relationship

We’re Getting Rave Reviews!

(This could be you…!)

  • pamelazimmerAmber is a true professional expert. She is authentic, knowledgeable, and extremely supportive and inspiring. In every area of my business that she has helped me, I have seen success. I highly recommend Amber for any of your online business needs! Amber… you are authentic, you are honest, you are real and you care. Plus, you are actually DOING what you teach the rest of us how to do, and you show us that, without holding back. You are fun, engaging, exciting, inspiring, encouraging… I could go on and on… I love the way you are not afraid to “go after it” and how easy you make it all look – it comes naturally to you (at least that’s the feeling I get when listening or watching you – I know you work your butt off, but you’re never nervous about what you put out there. you have confidence). Bottom line: authentic and caring.


  • kate mukerThere is one word that describes Amber – ROCKSTAR. Amber is extremely knowledgeable, organized and always goes the extra mile. I would not hesitate to recommend Amber for Online Business Development.


  • If I could describe Amber in one word, it would simply be AWESOME! Well, maybe EXTRAORDINARY! Then again, it could be AMAZING! Regardless of the word, it has been such a pleasure working with Amber. She taught me a great deal about Internet Marketing, Blogging and creating Web sites, all while remaining focused on every detail. What seemed daunting and scary to me, Amber made creative and fun.


  • If you are considering Amber for any project, large or small, personal or business, I can save you time, effort and money by assuring you SHE is YOUR go-to-gal! AND… in ways you haven’t even thought of yet! Dynamic! Fun! Highly motivated and thunderously committed to YOUR success! Do it for your business. Do it to for your family. Do it for your peace of mind. Just do it… work with her.


  • Thank you so much for all the effort you put into producing such great content on a regular basis. I love what you are doing in your emails and videos, thank you for your great example! You are a treasure!


  • I love that you consistently over deliver, you’re personal/relateable, you’re highly responsive + accessible, you’ve accomplished a lot in your businesses, and you’re extremely knowledgeable in the things that matter most to entrepreneurs.


Backed By a 100% Guarantee!

I want you to be as confident as I am, and our existing customers are, that you will see measurable results once you start implementing the strategies I will share with you. But just in case you have any lingering doubts, I want to make your decision foolproof. Here’s my guarantee…

I put in 100% effort into the Authentic Leader Academy and I am convinced you will love this product. Therefore, I am offering you an unconditional 100% Money-Back Guarantee. If you watch at least 10 videos within your first 30 days and feel I did not deliver the level of value I promised, simply let me know within 30 days and I’ll refund your investment, in full, with no questions asked.


Whether you join me for this membership or not, taking action is what separates the successful from those who are still chugging along trying to figure it out.

I am offering you a non-overwhelming, affordable training program that I believe in my heart will offer you the value and expertise you’re looking for to make your dreams a reality.

There will never be a time in your life where everything lines up perfectly to create your perfect 10 level of success. Day by day, decision by decision, you have to create your perfect level 10 life.

You have to commit to being your greatest self and making the most out of your one and only life.

I can’t wait to support you. I’ll see you on the other side of your registration!


Amber Vilhauer
Developing Authentic Leaders

(PS) Stop sitting on the sidelines watching everyone else create and launch awesome products, building huge fan bases and making gobs of money online while helping tons of people. There is plenty of opportunity to go around but you have to change your same ‘ole routine and actions if you want bigger and better results.

Let me teach you how to build your online platform to give you the freedom you crave!

The Academy is currently full, but we’re re-opening registration early 2016. Get notified once we open by subscribing in the opt-in box below.

Get on the “first to know” list
When we re-open registration!