Complete WordPress Training

Lucky you! You now have access to the complete WordPress training series normally reserved for paying clients of our custom design WordPress website package.

These videos are meant to be watched in order.

Video #1: Overview of the Admin Panel Pt 1 (19m)

  • What to do if this video is blurry (:54)
  • An overview of what WordPress is, vs (1:28)
  • Examples of WordPress sites (3:15)
  • Chrome and FireFox and why you should use them with WordPress (5:07)
  • Logging in to your site: the web-based admin area (6:55)
  • Intro to the WordPress dashboard (8:18)
  • Going through the left-side admin menu (10:49)
  • Posts vs Pages (12:42)
  • What is a WordPress theme (15:04)
  • Intro to Widgets and Sidebars (18:53)

Video #2: Overview of the Admin Panel Pt 2 (29m)

  • Overview of working with Widgets and Sidebars continued (:30)
  • What are Plugins? (5:35)
  • Updating Plugins, Themes, and the WordPress core (7:00)
  • Plugins in detail – overview of Gravity Forms contact form plugin (11:30)
  • What is a shortcode? (12:00)
  • Contact forms – continuing the Gravity Forms plugin overview (13:23)
  • Working with menus, adding and deleting pages and links from menus (16:21)
  • Creating multiple users (20:56)
  • Quick look at Tools and Settings, including site title and tagline (24:00)
  • Example of how your site’s customization and menu may be different from the defaults (26:16)
  • Where to go for more training and tutorials on WordPress (27:15)

Video #3: Working with Pages Pt 1 (43m)

  • Using the Pages menu (0:51)
  • Editing Page content and titles (3:14)
  • Changing a Page title in the menu (4:13)
  • Using the Preview button (6:11)
  • Editing the page permalink (7:20)
  • Overview of buttons on the visual editor and how to edit your text (9:29)
  • The visual editor vs the text editor (14:14)
  • Uploading and using images (16:20)
  • Resizing images online before uploading (22:40)
  • Adding links to other sites and pages (27:31)
  • Adding videos – 2 ways to add videos to your content (31:20)
  • Adding audio mp3s into your content, tips about the media library (36:32)
  • Built-in image galleries (38:13)
  • Add a Lightbox Plugin to your gallery – a quick overview of how to add a plugin (40:40)

Video #4: Finishing Working with Pages Pt 2, Editing and Adding Blog Posts


  • Setting parent pages (1:00)
  • Changing the page layout using page templates (3:15)
  • Using the blog posts menu, overview of post categories and tags (6:00)
  • Making a post “sticky” (9:19)
  • Overview of editing posts (10:59)
  • Saving a post as a draft, making a post private or password protected (11:58)
  • Categories and tags in the post editor (15:50)
  • Overview of Sharing Image plugin – sharing post images on social media (18:27)
  • Setting the Featured Image / Post thumbnail (19:27)
  • Overview of Post / Page Revisions (23:40)
  • Scheduling a post to publish in the future or editing the published date (25:05)

Video #5: Intro to Search Engine Optimization (9m)

  • Overview of how Google ranks each page on your site
  • Keyword stuffing explained – don’t do it! (2:07)
  • Adding SEO data with the plugins: WordPress SEO by Yoast or All In One SEO Pack (3:09)
  • Other ways Google ranks pages (5:49)
  • To learn more about SEO: Google’s Optimization Guide (7:17)
  • Also Google Webmaster Academy (8:07)

Video #6: How to Blog? Working with Blog Posts (19m)

  • What should you write about?  Blogs are the #1 way to get site visitors.
  • How often? If you can’t blog at least 1x per month, consider removing your blog (1:22)
  • Tips to create a content strategy (3:25)
  • How to find keywords / topics – the Google Keyword Planner Tool (4:25)
  • Amber’s 7 steps to write a great blog post (7:48)
  • Tips on increasing readership: sharing your posts on social media, adding calls to action, linking to other content on your site, etc (15:30)
  • Other resources: and (17:38)

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  1. Mandy Ziegler

    This is very helpful. Too much to absorb all at once. I notice in my WordPress, I do not have a button for fonts, font size or color in the background. Can you please put those buttons on my wordpress. Thanks and thank you for these videos.

    Mandy Ziegler

  2. Amber Ludwig Post
  3. Larry Tobin

    Shannon, you’ve really done an exceptional job on these tutorials. I like the pace–you cover a lot of content with a minimum of fluff. And I enjoy your laugh. Nice job.

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